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Sites listed in alphabetical order.  SILVERTIP is not responsible for the content of external internet websites.
Please mention SILVERTIP Expedition & Diving Management when contacting these organisations.
Josh Newman Design
Director - Camera - Editor
Northeast Creative
Looking for a tenacious and creative partner to solve your evolving communications needs?
Innovations Prints
Wildlife and scenic photography and design
Information on whale and dolphin strandings, protection and legislation in the UK
Earth's Water - All About Oceans
Various links to educational resources for children - Thanks to Mrs Galvin and Fourth Grade at Maplewood Elementary, Indiana
Marine Conservation Society
UK charity dedicated to caring for our seas, shores and wildlife
Marine Stewardship Council
Information on the best environmental choice in seafood
Project AWARE
A non-profit organisation dedicated to conserving underwater environments
Shark Trust
UK charity dedicated to advancing the worldwide conservation of sharks
Expeditions and Travel:
Specialists in the exploration of wilderness and wildlife where land meets water
Expedition Medicine
The leading provider of expedition and wilderness medicine courses for the medical professional
Expedition Yacht Operation Services
Introducing private exploration yachts to the world's most extraordinary cruising grounds
Lindblad Expeditions
Adventure travel and eco-tourism partnered with National Geographic
Oceanwide Expeditions
The World's Leading Polar Expedition Operator since 2005
Ursus International
Expedition and Adventure Travel - beautiful wild destinations with an emphasis on wildlife
Diving Diseases Research Centre
Medical treatment, training and research associated with the use of hyperbaric oxygen
Fourth Element
High quality casual and technical diving clothing
London Freediving
Training, competition and events with the UK's premier freediving group
PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors
The Way the World Learns to Dive
Station House Media Unit
The home of community media in Aberdeen
TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design
Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world