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Planning, equipping, and conducting an expedition can involve a huge amount of work.  With experience ranging from preparing the legal paperwork, to supervising the dive team on site, SILVERTIP can help bring your project to a safe and successful conclusion.  

Any diving is inherently hazardous which means safety and emergency preparedness are of paramount importance. SILVERTIP can help you prepare for working close to home or in remote and challenging environments worldwide:
  • HSE Registered Diving Contractor
    • Media diving projects
    • Scientific and Archaeological diving projects
    • Commercial diving projects inland/inshore
    • Recreational diving projects
  • Dive supervision
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Operations logs
  • Diving locations and typical conditions worldwide
  • Advice from divers who have been there; visit the locations map
  • Passive interaction with certain animal and bird species
  • Potentially hazardous wildlife
Does your team have the necessary skills and competencies?  We can provide crew and training as appropriate.
  • Increase your diving knowledge
  • Specialist skills and qualifications
  • First aid and safety awareness
Is your diving and support equipment appropriate for the task in hand?  From extensive field experience, SILVERTIP can advise on:
  • What to take
  • What to prepare for
  • How to look after it
  • Specialist equipment
Through years of diving experience, we have a network of colleagues across the globe with a range of specialist skills.  

Our showreel and video pages give a picture of some of the locations we have experienced.